By research-and-production firm "IMPEDANCE" are created industrial samples of proton magnetometers (PM), distinguished high, by sensitivity and small mean square error (MSE), possibility of programm installation and modifications of duration of all main time frames of a device cyclogram, possibility of work in fields with high gradients, by possibility of work in a package with the personal computer (PC), and also by possibility of an integration, for want of use the PC, with other by methods of geophysical researches. An original schematic of devices allows to use during realization of works any proton working substances with a various relaxation time.
is intended for an automatic measurement of the module of a magnetic inductions vector (MIV) of a field of the Earth in conditions of marine magnetic shooting. A device includes two parts: towed and onboard parts, joint between by itself by a towed-cable. The towed part includes the magnetosensitivity sensor (MSS) and preliminary amplifier (PA), connected by a cable of length 3 m. A design solution of a device allows for want of realization of works by the sea to apply inexpensive towed-cable of any type. MSS, is executed as torus also is installed in the tight container, in which is filled working substance.
The onboard part includes measuring the system, executed on the basis of the microprocessor of the type 80C188EC and reprogrammable STORAGE, which keeps the programs of installations and managements. A possibility of optimum flexible installation of times of a cycles polarization and readout the PM allows to conduct works in hardly anomalous regions and fields to work together with electrospark by stimulus sources used in a marine seismoreconnaissance.
is intended for an automatic measurement of the MIV module of a field of the Earth and accumulation of datas in internal memory. Main purpose of device - work as portable variational station. The MP-03 includes the MSS both block of a measurement and accumulation (BMA). The MSS (torus) allows to have a signal of a precession for want of anyone it orientations in space. The BMA with overall dimensions 150x132x242 mm includes built-in PA and is equipped with non-volatile memory Flesh-type for data storage and programs, which volume allows to accumulate datas during 13... 154 day. In the MP-03 is used original algorithm of work (statistical processing of a signal), permitting to conduct measurements in high-gradient fields and in conditions with a large level of rban elctromagnetic disturbances.
Are resulted a general view and main characteristics the created proton magnetometers.
Created PM well have built up a reputation for for want of realizations of marine surwey on territory of Vietnam.

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