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Universal data logger IDL-07 can decide a lot of scientific, research and applied problems in geophysics, to find broad application for onitoring works realization on multiparametrical research of an environment, to help of preventive measures realizations in medicine, to be applied in magnetobiological researches. On the basis of the registrar it is possible construction of autonomous observatories and stations for a measurement of various physical fields.
The registrar is functionally independent compact device of a continuous operation intended for registration, accumulation, processing, analysis, visualization and transfer to the computer informations from analog sensors on eight measuring channels. The registrar includes the block of a measurement both accumulation (BMA) and two of an analog magnetometer converters (AMC), which are connected accordingly to the first and second measuring channels.
Remaining the measuring channels can be used for connection of electrical field, pressure, humidity, temperature and other sensors, have an electrical output.
Both an represent highly sensitive and high-precision one-component fluxgate magnetometers, first of which allows to conduct measurements of D-component variations a magnetic field in any region of Globe without additional reorganization, and second an is intended for a measurement amplitudes artificially created constant or variable magnetic fields for want
of realizations of researches in coil systems, in magnetic shielded rooms and cameras, in locations and observatories for want of realizations of
special works.
The registrar realizes the following operations: visualization on the indicator of the schedule "signal - time", transfer accumulated datas through the serial port, accumulation of datas in internal memory, account and
demonstrating of an index of magnetic activity. The possibility of digital indication of outcomes is stipulated measurements of a magnetic field on each from magnetometric channels for want of realizations of their preliminary adjustment, calibration and for want of realizations of discrete measurements.
In a mode of long continuous work the registrar automatically watchs current magnetic perturbations. For the notification about the fixed perturbation the registrar is supplied with the sound signalisation. For want of account of amplitude of magnetic perturbation and index of magnetic activity the datas of the registrar are subjected of a digital filtration. The main parameters and operational modes of the registrar are selected with the help of functional buttons located on a forward board of BMA, agrees the
menu or can be make by the program depending on the users problems. The BMA is supplied with the liquid-crystal graphics display with sizes of
320 x 240 points.
The feed of the registrar is carried out from the storage battery by voltage 5V or from the standard network adapter. For want of realizations long continuous measurements with IDL-07 the power-down mode is stipulated.
MAIN CHARACTERISTICS of IDL-07: 8 analog channels * 2 magnetometrical channels * the channel of external start * 12-digit ADC ( 10 mcs) * serial port (RS232) * memory of datas (1 Mbyte) * 80L188EC processor (12 Hz) * hours of
real time * original software * the menu of commands and installations * account of an index of magnetic activity * unipolar power supply * power down mode * (graphic visualization of datas * functional buttons.
Measuring ranges of magnetometrical channels:+_125, +_250, +_500 and +_1000 nT * frequency band of a measurement of variable magnetic fields 0.. 500 Hz * a range of source voltages built-in ADC 0... 2,5 V * cycle of
registration 0,1... 3600 s * sensitivity of magnetometrical channels 1 nT * dataloggings velocity on the analog reorder 1, 4, 10 significances / s * dimensions: 200 x 140 x 230 mm (BMA), 140 x 80 x 40 mm (first AMC) and
50 x 10 x 6 mm (second AMC).

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